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Bingo Street Review – Play With The Neighbours


Bingo Street has a heap of loyal players and its easy to see why – the theme of a Brit street is fun and easy to navigate and they have loads of games and many with great offers to boot!

Good chat, bonuses and some great jackpot games are on offer, everything from free and 1p bingo to guaranteed jackpots, quick action on the 5 liners and the classics of 75 and 90 ball bingo games. 

Bingo Street Penny Stretcher

The place for penny bingo games and the free ones of course. It may be free (or close!) but you can win decent cash prizes playing here so don’t discard this. You can also play 90 and 75 ball on BingoStreet for tickets starting at 5p. If you fancy a light wager, want to get your bingo eye in for practice or just to have light-hearted fun – it’s got plenty to offer on that front.

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Bingo Street Games

75 Ball BingoBingo street 75 tickets have 25 squares arranged in 5 x 5 rows. Each of the squares on the ticket (the centre is always free) contains a number between 1 & 75. Either complete a shape or coverall to win.

90 Ball BingoThe traditional bingo of the UK and they do it well here on bingo street. Aim is to complete 1 or 2 lines or a Full house before everyone else in the room.

5 line bingo – Did you know the popular (and rapid!) 5-line bingo is also known as Swedish Bingo? Horizontally or diagonally cover the lines and win with 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 lines, a combination, and each game is mix and match!

At Bingo Street, apart from the regular games above, you can also play for sliding jackpots, progressive jackpots, team tourneys and loads of special promotion games. One of the great things about the site is that it’s not all just cash prizes, you can win cash sure but other prizes include high end electronics to holidays; in The Road to Riches room you can win bingo funds and Points to real cash and  – my favourite – shopping vouchers!

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Bingo Street Bingo Buddies

We all know Bingo is about more than just the games. It’s the people, the community and the chat that makes it extra fun! Bingostreet has introduced a great way of making it easy (they play on the neighbour thing a lot!) to make friends (buddy up with your neighbours) on the site as well as win. They have what they call the Buddy Bingo competition, join and you and your team accumulate points and share them together. What I think is great is that you get placed – randomly – into a new team with new people (three new buddies) every fortnight. A great way to meet new bingoers and really join in the community.


Beyond Bingo on Bingo Street

BingoStreet is not limited to bingo; scratch cards, casino games, online slots and more are all available. Progressive jackpots on the slots are pretty impressive too. I was amazed to find that The Fluffy Favourites Slots, has a £50k progressive jackpot!


Wink Bingo Review – We love it!

Wink Bingo

Wink Bingo is one of biggest, friendliest and most popular online bingo sites in the UK with thousands of loyal players returning to play every day.

All new players are rewarded with a very generous welcome offer with a 200% free cash match on the first deposit! This is followed by a chance to win an additional £1000 with a free ‘Spin the Wheel’. To add to this generosity Wink Bingo will then add another 50% reload bonus for every subsequent deposit you make.

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There’s always something going on at Wink. There are 75 and 90 ball bingo games along with the newly added 5 line bingo. Plus free and penny bingo games, tournaments, progressive jackpots, guaranteed jackpots. There are also loads of free games, instant games, guaranteed jackpots, special promotions, progressive pay-outs and chat games with their great bingo hosts.

We all love taking advantage of special offers and Wink Bingo have plenty to offer. The promotions tab gives all the details of the big games of the day plus loads of special offers and all the latest promotions. You’ve got to check it out!!!

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Looking for a little something else? Wink’s online slots are fantastic – particularly the progressive jackpots slots where players have won £50,000 cash in prize money!!! Wink also has an impressive number of instant games, scratch cards and casino games.

Wink Bingo slots

Posh Bingo 250% Depost Offer

Posh Bingo

We’re delighted to bring you this amazing sign-up bonus at Posh Bingo.

Receive the warmest of welcomes and get a 250% bonus when you deposit between £5 and £100!! 

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That’s right, 250%!!! If you deposit £10 they give you another £25 absolutely free. You’ll be playing with a total of £35 after depositing just £10!

If you think that’s it then think again. For every time you re-deposit, they’ll reward you again and again and again with another 50%!!  

Posh Bingo

Yep – you do the maths, £10 re-deposit = £15 to play with!!

See our full Posh Bingo review here

Posh Bingo Review – Fabulous Darling!

250% Welcome Bonus

Posh Bingo is a fabulous looking site. Whether you’re a 24 hour fashionsita or prefer playing bingo in your PJs on the sofa – it’s got a great range of games to tickle your fancy. The site is stylish and the selection of games and bonuses make it even more attractive. We love the blog too.

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New members will be offered a fantastic 250% bonus on their first deposit. See more here

75 to 90

No that’s not the age group – every age of player seems to be on Posh! If you know you’re bingo (or even if you don’t!) I’m talking about the usual selection of 75 card and 90 card bingo games.  Progressive Bingo Jackpots are pretty tasty too. The uber-fun Shopping Spree 75 Ball is based on a pound sign pattern. It plays regularly in The Salon (swanky!) and in The Cocktail Club you can play every hour. The 90 Ball Progressive over at Posh is called S-t-r-e-t-c-h Limo. You can win in all their 90 Ball games, you need to cover your card in 38 calls (or less) and it’s all yours plus the jackpot from your 90-ball bingo game – definitely adds an extra element of fun and finer crossing!

Great Bingo for Beginners

It’s a great site for bingo beginners with a host of free, penny and team bingo games. Its easy to get involved in these free online games, where you can refine your bingo skills – without the dosh – and then head off to play Posh’s bingo games for some serious jackpot-sized prizes. The community, newsletter and bingo lingo are all there to help you on your way too. Definitely worth checking out.

The free games are daily and you can win prizes of up to £350 every day through the Freebies rooms. If you’re feeling more flush and don’t mind spending a penny or two the 8:15pm every day sees the Daily Penny Game, where you can buy tickets at 1p and win a £25 jackpot…and have fun and learn your bingo skills in the process!

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Pre-Buy Games (with big prizes!)

They have loads of Pre Buy Games at Posh, their weekly attractions are always updated too so definitely worth checking in. The great thing is that if you’re running late or have not made it back from work (or the shops!) your tickets will play without you! That’s right – if you pre-buy your tickets in advance they’ll automatically play even if you’re not logged in. Pretty Posh! The Pre-Buy Games are available throughout the week and the through the prizes are pretty large and worth checking out. Here’s a couple we liked:

Every Tuesday at Posh is the Posh Ton £100. Get involved at 7:30pm every Tuesday for a chance to win £100 for 10p. Chat is pretty nifty on these weekday games too. Boost your post-weekend wallet!

The £500 Thursday Bliss gives away £100 to the winner while all 1TG (that’s one number to go if you’re not up on your Bingo lingo!) players share a cash prize of £400. Every Thursday at 8pm – Thursday’s the new Friday at Posh!

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Anymore for anymore?

If instant games are your thing there’s plenty to get your teeth into at Posh. Wheel of Light is one of my favourites, especially as you can play as small or as big as you like. An array of Casino games, slots (Some of which offer massive progressive jackpots up to £50,000!) and scratchies (9 different scratch cards!) are available too. It’s hard to not find something that suits you here to be honest.

Part of the Joy of Bingo stable, Posh has all these well known promotions (and games) too including the £100,000 Joy Pot games here and the Joy Million. Whether you’re posh or not, it’s definitely worth a look!

Our Tip: 10% Flash Cashback scheme is worth checking out, a nifty promotion that means you can nab up to £200 every single week.

Flash Cashback

Tasty Bingo Review – Deposit £10 play with £40

Tasty Bingo

The name Tasty Bingo may not be instantly recognisable to you, but this site has a great experience to offer – and as it’s a product from the house of Joy of Bingo so it’s got good roots and is more than credible as far as online bingo is concerned.

It’s one of the most popular in the UK and a quick look around shows why. The amount of games and playing options for one. It’s also got some tasty offers as a welcome – more on that in our Bingo Offers Page. And then there’s the recipes – oh yes – if you’re into bingo and the Great British Bake Off this is the site for you. You can play 75 ball and get an online demo of how to make apricot and ameretto tart on Tasty. No kidding!

Tasty Join Now

Tasty Bingo Games

There are loads of daily and weekly games and they also have heaps of special promotions that offer bigger prizes. You can get 75 and 90 ball bingo games of course and the ever growing in popularity 5 liners too. Particularly love Tasty’s team bingo tourneys, including instant games tourneys, and if you fancy just a peak there’s a good array of penny bingo games and free games too.

Progressive Jackpots

75 ball and 90 ball bingo progressive jackpot games are available. You have to bingo in 39 calls or less in the 90 ball rooms and in 28 calls or less in the 75 ball to win big. You’re getting the ‘Tasty’ theme by now I know, but here’s an overview of the Chocolate Sundae and the Banana Split Progressive Bingo Jakspots…

          90 Ball = Chocolate Sundae Progressive Jackpot

The Chocolate Sundae is the name Tasty gives to its 90 ball progressive. Play in the 90 ball rooms, and a small part of your spend goes into a separate fund. So on every game played in the 90 ball rooms, you’re also playing for the Chocolate Sundae Jackpot. Bingo on a full house in 30 calls (or less) and you’re a winner. Adds extra fun to 90 ball stakes.

          75 Ball = Banana Split Progressive Jackpot

Tasty’s 75 ball progressive jackpot. Same progressive bingo principles as Chocolate Sundae, but with less balls you’ve gotta bingo on the Banana Split pattern in 28 calls or less.

In it for the Money?

Tasty offers really good chat and community functions, it’s all about fun here, but if you’re also in it for the money it doesn’t let you down. In fact, one of the good things is that as well as the usual cash prizes and bingo bonus funds, points (Joy of Bingo Points that is) you can win gifts and goodies too – right now, there’s a trolley dash on for £50 of ASDA vouchers! Think how many Pizza’s you’re next online bingo game can make you!

Tasty Join Now

The progressive jackpots are pretty hefty prize money too and Tasty has its own slot game, the Tasty Bingo Progressive jackpot which has a three options of progressive jackpots – mini, maxi and mega  –  where up to £25,000 is on offer for a win.

Worth noting

 If you’re into your slots – there’s a lot on offer here – Piggy Payouts, X-factor slots, Double Up Ducks, Fluffy Favourites Slot, and Bejeweled slots, are some I came across.

It’s all very easy to ‘get your teeth into’ at Tasty. All the games are simple to play and there’s no need to download anything. Pick your game, place your bets and off you go – oh, and delve into the chat too – the guys are really helpful (always-on live chat, telephone and email support is good to have too) and the community is certainly up for a laugh.

Top Tip: Definitely worth checking in on the weekends, where they have extra offers on and special games with loads of mini tourneys too, which are great fun!

Oh, and did I mention they have actual recipes?! No joke – go check them out!

Tasty Bingo

£35 Bonus Guarantee! – Wink Bingo

Part 1: Make your first deposit between £10 and £100 and get an instant 200% free deposit bonus.

Wink Bingo

Part 2: You’ll then be given a free game of Spin the Wheel where there’s a further £1,000 bonus up for grabs! But what if you don’t win the top prize of £1000? Don’t worry you’re guaranteed a minimum of £15!

Sign Up Now!

Part 3: To cap it all off, Wink Bingo are then going to give you a 50% Reload Bonus guarantee! With this continual flow of extra cash each time you deposit will give you an even better chance of winning some amazing real cash prizes!

See our full review for Wink Bingo here

All aboard! Next stop, Redbus Bingo

RedBus Bingo has tons of great bingo games. Of course they have the regular 75 and 90 ball bingo games – but maybe you could try your luck at the latest craze, 5 line bingo! They also offer a wide range of instant games too, that include an awesome line up of online slots, scratch cards, casino games and loads of other fun filled instant win games that you can play at any time.

Play Now!

Our Top Tip: Weekends are packed with offers. Look under the Promotions tab for Specials and you will find the latest new games and promotions. Play guaranteed jackpot games and tourneys that include both bingo and the Instant games.

Penny Pinchers

Desperate to spend a penny?! RedBus Bingo has a truck load (or should that be bus load) of penny bingo games to choose from every day and decent cash prizes. They have great free bingo games too – so if you’re a beginner, it’s a great place to start. Win big cash jackpots, get Joy Points and if you like shopping (who doesn’t?!) there’s voucher prizes on offer too for shopping and leisure.

Or maybe you’re after daily guaranteed and progressive jackpot games? If so, then you won’t be disappointed – loads of special bingo games that celebrate a wide range of themes. So what are you waiting for? Jump on board, next stop – RedBus Bingo!

Up to 2000% Bonus!!! Redbus Bingo

RedBus Bingo says it’s one of the most cheerful online bingo sites, one thing that is cheerful is its welcome package – scratch card, bingo bonus and up to 2,000% cash match make it well worth a look! Just click on the banner below… 

Redbus Bingo

Deposit anything from £5 to £100, and you can get a free cash match up to 2,000%. That’s up to £2,000 in free bonus money!

Our Top Tip: Free Bingo Stuff is after watershed – the Free 1,000 plays starts at 9.15pm every night and tickets are absolutely free.

Bingo Lingo

Want to start or just started playing online bingo but not sure what some of the words mean? Don’t worry, we have pulled some of the most popular bingo words, terms and phrases into a bingo glossary…

Check out the Bingo Glossary